About us….

Welcome to Shellfish South West, the home of top quality locally sourced sustainable crab!


We have been serving the trade and public since 1992 and know that our customers expect the very best quality, we are predominantly  hand-picking processors

We source our Crabs from the port of Dartmouth, Start Bay Crab is revered as the finest in Devon and we buy direct from the same two boats which are both operate  under the sustainable Catch directive.


After the boat lands its catch, its loaded into our van and taken back to base ..


We then dispatch the crab and boil it before the careful dismantling operation begins, once the crabs are dismantled they are carefully hand-picked using traditional methods using picks and hammers!

The end result is very chunky hand-picked crab meat which we send to our discerning customers as far away as Harrogate in the north of England via Cornwall transport and DFDS transport which are dedicated fish allocated transport serving London and beyond.


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